How Walbridge uses Handheld 3D Scanning to Validate BIM on Construction Projects



Learn how easy it is to use point clouds to validate progress on construction projects. With the latest technology from Assemble, Lenovo, DotProduct and Google, laser scanning solutions have become affordable, fast and easy to use.

In this session, we share how to capture point clouds with a DotProduct handheld scanner and then use the Assemble BIM Cloud Engine (BCE) to utilize point cloud scans for an improved QA/QC workflow. John Jurewicz, General Manager at Walbridge, a leading Detroit based full-service construction company shares how they are incorporating point cloud data captured with low-cost handheld 3D scanners into their workflows for improved project outcomes.

Watch the webinar to learn how to incorporate new, less expensive and more immediate work flows for viewing point cloud data compared with design data.

Learning Objectives:

1. How to capture point clouds with a Lenovo Tango Phab2 Phablet and other handheld devices
2. How to view point cloud data easily in Assemble BCE
3. How to share scans across the project team
4. How to detect clashes between scan data and model objects
5. How to check deviation between scans and model data

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