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“Being able to share the model let us dive deeper in the design, helped fill in the gaps in the design and is truly reducing our risk at this level of pricing.”


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“We saved 100 hours of estimators time on our first estimate leveraging Assemble Systems.




'With Assemble’s ability to breakdown and quantify what the key elements are that are important, there’s a lot of potential to take components and get to the specific line item that you’re looking for. It really facilitates that progress updating of the actual schedule. You can then extrapolate that to other components that are associated with that model and do that real simplified approach to reporting those installed quantities." 



“The mobile app from Assemble was well worth the wait. Nice job guys! I am up and running without any issues, except for one. I can’t seem to put the tablet down.”


“Assemble has helped us cut our estimating time by 50%. Our team uses the time-savings to concentrate on high value activities to deliver cost savings to the owners and improve project results.”


"We can do a comparison of model data with the scanned data to help us understand what's going to happen before it happens. It's making the invisible visible is where we see the value in technology so that we can show where things are in the field."


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“Leveraging model data for quantification has resulted in significant cost and time saving. With the use of Assemble, our takeoff time has decreased by up to 40%.”

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“We implemented Assemble to perform cost analysis during preconstruction, review and observation during construction and eventually facilities management for post construction and operations" 



"I appreciate the work you guys do and how fast you are changing your product!"




"It's nice you guys provide online chatting. This is best software customer service so far!!!"  


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“You do not need to be a BIM expert to be able to harvest information from Assemble. Anyone who touches Assemble ends up adopting it. The rate we use Assemble in our Preconstruction workflows is staggering.”


“Assemble provides us with immediate insight into design changes, which enables us to respond faster to the process of the change. Without Assemble, identifying the scope differences and quantifying their cost impacts took days or even weeks, now it takes just minutes.”


"The reason why Assemble became my biggest driver for 5D is that the barrier of entry is very low. You don’t have to learn an entirely new software or complex software. You don’t have to use a giant big BIM machine to run it, you don’t need a whole bunch of RAM and fancy video cards. It easily gives you access to the data that you need to do proper quantity takeoff."

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"We are really excited about the Assemble mobile app, and being able to link it to 4D. It’s much easier to view it in the fields and you have that interaction piece where you can edit parameters in Assemble and have that information link back. You’re able to see the benefit of using this tool in real time. "


"The new iPad App by Assemble is a big Game Changer for us. Taking what we use now as a tool within our preconstruction team to now taking this into the field. We are looking forward to expandign the use of Assemble within our field side."

"Assemble has become an integral part to what I do each and every day. They have done a great job of creating a platform that is really geared and useful for us as builders. It lets us take a model and mine the data in an efficient and effective manner"


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"With Assemble's new iPad app, I can have my superintendent use his iPad app, and highlight the pieces that were installed and have that instantaneous information feed to the project team and we can go from there – this really is a game change, and I am glad Assemble is going in this direction."

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"We chose Assemble because we didn't want to buy expensive hardware for everybody, we wanted to unlock the power of the model for everyone in our office. With Assemble we can share projects to a number of users in our firms and use it as a tool to communicate between our estimators and the owner. "

“We were able to easily compare the models in Assemble and identify changes in the steel that were contributing to a $1 Million increase in a matter of minutes. This insight allowed us to make adjustments to get the budget back on track.”

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"We use the mapping tool between Assemble and Excel to help expedite dimensional informaton we need to help complete our concrete estimates. It totally eliminates some of the manual entry and reduces the time necessary to complete an estimate"


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“An airline terminal is like a living, breathing entity in that it is operational 365 days a year and must accommodate the daily rhythms of passengers, service providers, management, security and crew. Keeping people and planes moving, while construction moves even faster, around various construction sites requires a high degree of project controls that we couldn’t deliver on fast enough without Assemble.”

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“Assemble really offers an elegant solution to being able to touch the model, organize the model and be able to sort it in a way that's meaningful to the end-user." 


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“Federated Model inventory. I absolutely love the fact that I can put all of my trade models, my architect’s model, my model - as a general contractor and structural engineers’ models, all in there and then I can run inventory and sort the inventory by the Revit category and then sort it by the model it lives in. From there, I can compare this information back and forth.”

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"We can start breaking the model down by different scopes, project engineers and managers are utilizing scope specific views that are in Procore and they’re using that to clarify packages with their subcontractors. That’s been a big benefit in a really competitive construction market where sometimes we’re not getting numbers until the last minute, so by enabling this, we find that people are more willing to take a look at projects."